The Jannetta Procedure

The procedure developed by neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Jannetta is an innovative, science-based approach to some of medicine’s most challenging conditions.

At the UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Jannetta observed the tendency of arteries around the brain stem to elongate with age, sometimes compressing nerves.

He believed that such pressure on a cranial nerve caused the excruciating facial pain of trigeminal neuralgia, and he found that insulating the nerve from the blood vessel pressing on it would relieve the pain while preserving sensation in the face.

The “microvascular decompression” (MVD) technique—regarded as revolutionary at its introduction in 1966—brought immediate and long-lasting relief to the great majority of patients. Over time, as more neurosurgeons produced excellent results for their patients, the patented procedure became the “gold standard” in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and other conditions, with patients around the world benefiting from what is now in textbooks and insurance coding books as “the Jannetta Procedure.”
Watch a brief video about the Jannetta Procedure. 

“You have people whose lives are shattered, and you go ahead with this one procedure and you give them their lives back.”

- Mark McLaughlin, MD, Neurosurgeon, Princeton Brain and Spine Care